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Consultant Role: Senior Climate Change Analyst

Scott Hinkle

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Summary of who we're looking for

We’re seeking applications from independent consultants interested in 15-20 days of work between November 2021 and January 2022.

Candidates can be based anywhere globally (desk-based), they must have 10 years of research and analysis of climate change and environmental sustainability and must have work experience in Sub-Saharan Africa. Private sector experience is also highly recommended.

Deadline for applications: Wednesday 27 October 2021

Submit a CV, Cover Letter and Writing Samples to

About Wasafiri

A trusted partner for complex problems. Wasafiri is a global consultancy, incubator and institute helping leaders and organisations tackle some of the world’s most complex problems. From our offices in Kenya, UK and the USA, we bring a well-established track record of helping our clients achieve impact at scale on the systems related to conflict and governance, extreme poverty, food insecurity, and environmental sustainability. Together, we’re helping build a more peaceful, equitable and sustainable world.

A decade of transformative impact. We work with respected institutions spanning the development, government, and private sectors to drive change at scale. For instance, we’ve partnered with the World Economic Forum to unlock inclusive private sector investment across Africa, worked with Yara to incubate the leading youth agripreneurship initiative on the continent, helped the UK’s National Grid devise its Net Zero Carbon Strategy, worked with the Government of Kenya to design the country’s first-ever poverty graduation policy, and partnered with FCDO to counter the threat of violent extremism across East Africa.

Catalysts for collective action. Wasafiri, means “travellers” in Swahili, and was inspired by the phrase, “Traveller, there is no path: we make the path as we walk together.” This simple statement evokes the spirit of how we work; as a trusted adviser, collaborator, and systems-change entrepreneur, relentlessly driven toward transformative action.

Our expertise lies in generating new insight, ideas and partnerships to drive collective action on complex problems. We specialise in tailored research and learning, partnership development, strategy and design innovation, stakeholder engagement and capacity building services.

About the role

Our private-sector client is looking for an actionable analysis of the landscape of climate change policies, priorities, stakeholders, and dynamics in Sub-Saharan Africa. At the heart of this work lies an important question for them: How can we better partner with others and leverage our communities and platforms to help tackle climate related problems in SSA?

Geographic focus

  1. Sub-Saharan Africa

Technical Expertise

  1. Research & Analysis (primarily qualitative and secondary sources), policy and landscape analysis, strong written and oral communication.
  2. Strategy development, partnership building, and an awareness of systems change thinking.

Thematic Expertise

  1. Climate Change adaptation and/or mitigation), environmental sustainability.
  2. Experience with/of private sector organisations (technology an advantage) as well as an understanding of the landscape of development / government / civil society.

Estimated days of contract

  1. 15-20 days
  2. From November 2021 through January 2022

Key responsibilities for the Senior Climate Change Analyst

We’re looking for someone with at least 10 years’ experience working on issues relating to climate change and/or environmental sustainability. They will need to have significant geographic experience working in or on Africa, with strong credentials in research & analysis, landscaping analysis and strategic thinking, able to distil a broad picture into key opportunities. Ideally, they will bring experience working across sectors; understanding private sector organisations as well as the landscape of development/government/civil society institutions, politics and policies.

Initial Research & Landscape Analysis

Lead on the comprehensive landscape analysis including but not limited to: The nature and scale of issues & problems; current policies, regulatory requirements & political priorities (national & regional); governance & financing mechanisms; innovative partnerships for climate resilience/sustainability; institutional landscape and role of civil society

Outputs to deliver:

  1. Summary of findings from our review of literature
  2. Initial country heat mapping
  3. Draft regulatory inventory

Targeted Stakeholder Consultations

Lead on stakeholder engagement, including but not limited to: Develop stakeholder selection criteria, prepare influencing and power framework, develop consultation framework & tools; consult with stakeholders; compile, analyse & refine findings.

Outputs to deliver:

  1. Summary of findings from consultations
  2. Refinement of emerging research findings

Final Analysis & Report Production

Lead on writing the final report with support from the Wasafiri Team Lead and Technical Expert. The report will include Executive Summary, Background & Introduction, Methodology & Limitations, Summary of key topics, Policy Expert Perspectives, Conclusions and Recommendations.

Application details

How to apply

  1. Please include a CV that is no longer than 3 pages.
  2. Please include a brief Cover Letter that summarises the following:
    1. Your motivation for applying to Wasafiri
    2. Your expertise and qualifications for the role
    3. Three professional references
  3. Please include 2-3 samples of your work. This could include an online portfolio, or examples of articles, features, case studies you have produced
  4. Please note:
    1. We will not accept submissions without a CV, Cover Letter or Samples
    2. We will not accept CVs longer than 3 pages

Application process

  1. Closing date for applications: Wednesday 27 October 2021
  2. We will review applications as they are submitted and retain the right to make an offer prior to the submission deadline
  3. Please submit your Cover Letter, CV and Samples to Please use the subject heading: Application: Senior Climate Change Analyst

Ensuring equality of access

Wasafiri values the unique skills and experiences each individual brings to the organisation and we are committed to creating and maintaining an inclusive and accessible environment for everyone.