How to create change at scale? ChangeLab Nairobi, September 2020

A gathering of systems-change practitioners and thinkers

September, 2020


The gathering

Wasafiri will be convening a gathering of friends and colleagues; brought together for their commitment to taking systems-approaches to complex problems, and desire to learn from one another’s experience.

This will be a small and intimate group, representing development organisations, academic institutions and civil society. Together, we will spend time exploring;

  1. Applied understandings of how to use systems-based approaches to change
  2. Developing tools to create practical change
  3. How to measure the impact on complex problems
  4. How best to strengthen networks of like-minded change leaders

About Wasafiri

Wasafiri works with leaders and organisations to tackle some of humanity’s toughest problems. Through our work on issues such as countering violent extremism, climate change, and agricultural reform in Africa, we have developed ‘Systemcraft’ — an applied approach to complex change that helps leaders and organisations:

  • Understand the nature of complex problems (and why they can seem so stuck)
  • Answer the question “So what do I do next?” in order to effect change

Systemcraft can be applied to any complex problem. Whether you are seeking to create culture change within your business or organisation, tackle long term sustainability issues, integrate the Sustainable Development Goals into your organisation or take on complex social issues such as affordable housing, Systemcraft can help you work out, “So what do I do next?”