Future-Now: Harnessing progressive ideas for reshaping our world

Exploratory conversations with leading thinkers, practitioners and change makers about progressive ideas for ‘What Next?”

April & May, 2020


Intimate conversations about big ideas

Wasafiri will be convening a series of online gatherings of like-minded partners and friends to consider the big questions about life beyond Covid-19. We’ll aim to harvest new ideas and approaches, galvanise a sense of optimism and collective action, to help us build a fairer, more just and more sustainable new normal.

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These will be small, intimate groups of people working across all sectors of society; development, academic, government, business and civil society. Together, we’ll spend time exploring;

  • In a time of such loss – Just what will we lose? What will we gain? What will evolve and emerge?
  • In a time of such change – What does it mean to evolve, adapt and be fit for purpose in the new-normal?
  • In a time of such noise – How can we proactively spot and grab hold of emerging opportunities?
  • In a time of such division – How can we create incentives for cohesion – across tribe, party, ideology
  • In a time of such chaos – How do we harness multiple perspectives and efforts to drive collective action?

About Wasafiri

Wasafiri works with leaders and organisations tackling some of humanity’s toughest problems; from poverty to climate change and conflict… and now, the impact of Covid-19. We use powerful systems-based approaches to help generate new insights, strategies and partnerships to help work out “So, what do I do next?”… and drive change at scale.

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