Call for CVs: Research Manager in Mozambique

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Summary of who we're looking for

We’re seeking applications from brilliant candidates for a mix of long- and short-term positions for upcoming opportunities to contribute to stability and preventing violent extremism in Mozambique.

Deadline for applications: Wednesday 15 December 2021

Submit a CV and Cover Letter to

About Wasafiri

Our work

Wasafiri is a global consultancy, incubator and institute helping leaders and organizations tackle some of the world’s most complex problems. From our offices in Kenya, UK and USA, we have a long-standing record of helping our clients achieve impact at scale on the systems related to conflict, poverty, food insecurity, and environmental sustainability. Together, we are helping create a more peaceful, equitable and sustainable world.

Since 2010, we’ve been working with governments, development actors and communities across East Africa to better understand the nature of complex challenges such as insecurity, extremism, and weak governance. Our role has focussed on helping catalyse more effective, collective action, including through;

  • Monitoring, analysis and reportingof events, programmes and policies.
  • Identifying at-risk groupsand networks of positive influence around them.
  • Examining under-researched issues, such as the role of women, the private sector, or gangs in extremism.
  • Facilitating the design of new initiativesdesigned to prevent and counter extremism
  • Engaging with communities and governmentrepresentatives to strengthen local capacities, strategies and plans

 Our approach

Our approach is founded upon a commitment to help those at the heart of driving change ‘learn and adapt as they go’, equipping them with knowledge and learning both about the impact of their interventions, as well as how the wider system is changing.  The power of this approach lies in our distinctive capability to bring to bear:

  • A focus on forging collective action – We are expert in understanding how learning must serve lots of different actors within complex systems to work more effectively on collective interests;
  • Harnessing a diversity of perspectives – We are able to access and harness multiple interests and perspectives, generating dynamic knowledge and understanding as the system grows and moves;
  • Empowering those with less power – We are able to assess how the structures and flows of information exclude and disempower, and offer powerful ways to ensure the voices of marginalised, vulnerable populations are heard;
  • Deep understanding of the political economy – We bring a unique ability to situate hyper-local perspectives within the wider political economy, leveraging deep relationships with an extensive understanding of policy frameworks, institutional ecosystems and political dynamics;
  • Expertise in prototyping and testing interventions – We are expert in the design, innovation and testing of prototype initiatives, minimum viable products and pilot projects to accelerate learning and adaptation.

Our requirement

The skills and expertise you’ll bring

Wasafiri is actively pursuing a number of upcoming opportunities focused on peace and stability in Mozambique funded through various donors. We are searching for candidates to put forward on proposals and, eventually, programmes, pending funding.

These will be demanding roles that come with high expectations. In particular, you will bring:

  1. Relevant sectoral or thematic experience: You will have at least 5 years of experience working in some (or all) of the areas pertinent to the range of opportunities we are pursuing. These include:
    1. Community-security relationships
    2. Local governance and institutional strengthening
    3. P/CVE
    4. Peacebuilding
    5. Climate change
  2. Strong research and evaluation expertise: You will bring high-quality expertise in:
    1. Managing teams of researchers and enumerators
    2. Supporting the design and implementation of research assignments
    3. Capacity building researchers
    4. Quality assuring field notes
    5. Supporting analysis and production of research products.
  3. Experience managing a diverse team: You will be able to provide examples of managing a team of diverse members, both in person and remotely. You will also have experience or feel comfortable working in an integrated consortium of partners and supporting your team to actively contribute across this integrated platform.
  4. Experience working with vulnerable populations: You will be able to speak to your experience and approaches working with vulnerable or at-risk populations, including women, youth, or other marginalised groups.
  5. Essential qualifications: You will have the following qualifications:
    1. At least 5 years experience in one or more of the above sectoral areas and technical skills
    2. Experience working in Cabo Delgado
    3. Relevant university qualifications
    4. Excellent oral and written communication skills in Portuguese, Swahili, Muani and/or Makonde
    5. Good oral and written communication skills in English
    6. Right to live and work in Mozambique

Application details

  • The Research Manager role will be based in Pemba or Maputo with frequent travel to northern provinces.

Contracting arrangements

  • You will be contracted to Wasafiri as an independent consultant
  • Competitive daily consulting rates will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis, based on the role, seniority, and previous experience
  • Completion of satisfactory business references and background checks are essential conditions of employment.

Further information

How to apply

  1. Please include a CV that is no longer than 3 pages.
  2. Clearly indicate the role title “Research Manager – Mozambique” in the email subject
  3. Please include a short cover letter that summarises the following:
    1. Your motivation for applying to Wasafiri
    2. Your technical expertise and qualifications
    3. Your experience working on relevant sectors and issues
    4. 3 professional references
  4. Please note:
    1. We will not accept submissions without a CV and cover letter
    2. We will not accept CV’s longer than 3 pages
    3. At this stage we do not require samples of your work or proof of qualifications

Application process

  1. Closing date for applications: 15 December 2021
  2. Please submit your Cover Letter and CV to

Ensuring equality of access

Wasafiri values the unique skills and experiences each individual brings to the organisation and we are committed to creating and maintaining an inclusive and accessible environment for everyone.