Christian Aid’s recently launched global strategy, Partnership for Change, emphasizes that in order for Community Health and HIV programmes supported by the organisation to be more effective, they must move away from an exclusive focus on service delivery and directly address the systems and structures keeping people in poverty, a major barrier to accessing healthcare.

To assist in realising this goal, Wasafiri supported Christian Aid in designing and delivering a ‘Community Health for All’ workshop in Nairobi for relevant partner and programme staff, held in January 2013. The workshop agenda was framed around the three pillars of Christian Aid’s Community Health and HIV work, namely: ensuring sound health development approaches, equitable institutions and equitable social norms, which if addressed systematically, create an improved enabling environment for people to access health services.

The gathering provided those participating with an opportunity to explore what the shift in focus entailed by the new strategy means in practice for their current work, and what active steps to take to boost the performance of their programmes.

Partner and programme staff were equipped with concrete learnings and recommendations to help them apply the strategy in their own specific working contexts, so as to enable entire communities to exercise and claim their rights to essential health services.

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