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Empowering the poorest nations to have a voice in climate negotiations

The context: The world’s Least Developed Countries (LDCs) are the ones most affected by Climate Change. Yet they bear little responsibility for humankind’s contributions to the problem. Achieving a fair and legally-binding deal from multilateral climate negotiations has become quite simply an issue of survival for the most vulnerable. Wasafiri’s role: Wasafiri consultant Liberal Seburikoko […]


Mining for peace

Big business has a rare opportunity to bring stability and development to Africa’s troubled Great Lakes region.   In August last year, the beleaguered communities of Eastern Congo were again assailed by war. The rebel general Laurent Nkunda’s Rwandan-backed militas launched yet another violent campaign, threatening to return a region tormented by ethnic division and […]


Leadership for a time of crisis

Spend enough time amidst one of the world’s ever present humanitarian disasters, and you may become outraged by the failings of leadership. You might witness aid programmes stagnate under the morass of infighting, power exploited for political gain, or morale vanish as leaders obfuscate and deliberate. Spend a little longer however, and acts of true […]