We bring tailored skills and expertise to help unlock new insights, strategies and partnerships

From over a decade on the front lines of some of the world’s most complex problems, we’ve built a hard-earned reputation of helping our clients achieve impact at scale.

With offices in Africa, Europe and the USA, we partner with respected institutions across the development, government and private sectors.

The change we seek? Impact on the systems related to conflict and governance, food security and extreme poverty, climate change and environmental sustainability.

Our people

Our people are change-makers and systems-specialists, facilitators and designers, researchers and analysts. They’re highly professional and a pleasure to work with.

Our approach

Our approach is driven by helping those at the heart of complex problems to learn, grow and adapt as they go. We’re relentless in harnessing diverse perspectives, empowering those with less power and finding new ways to build collective action.

Our services

We bring powerful systems-based tools and approaches, designed to unlock new forms of collective, adaptive action. We’re specialists in helping incubate, scale and transition new partnerships and initiatives for systems-change.

What we do

Changing incentives

Analysing social, economic and security dynamics and interests. Mapping systems, actors and landscapes. Designing interventions to shift attitudes and behaviours.

Make It Matter

Forging inclusive movements. Identifying rights and designing mechanisms for participatory engagement. Giving voice to the excluded, amplifying the power of story and lived experience.

Harnessing collective intelligence

Developing learning systems. Facilitating participatory research and design processes. Co-creating prototypes and pilots. Strengthening decision making structures.

Organising for collaboration

Building multi-stakeholder architecture and platforms. Developing accountability and governance mechanisms. Strengthening coordination structures and processes.

Setting the direction

Assessing risks, trends and dynamics. Identifying barriers, entry points and opportunities. Developing theories of change, strategies and milestones.

“Wasafiri have helped improve our understanding of violent extremism in East Africa, and their advice has been key in determining preventive strategies for the region.”

Onno Koopmans

Senior Advisor Regional Stability Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Nairobi

Some of our clients

Examples of our work

Generation Africa: Grow Entrepreneurs. Transform Food.

New approaches for preventing violent extremism in East Africa

Millions of smallholders reached through private investment

Systemcraft Labs: innovating new approaches for complex problems