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Systemcraft for your Toughest Problems:
A focus on how Soil Carbon can help tackle Climate Change…

1900 UK / 1400 EST – 09 DECEMBER

We’d be delighted if you would join us online to explore how Systemcraft can help unlock new approaches for driving transformational change.

It’ll be a short, sharp and provocative session, focusing on how Systemcraft can help unlock the revolutionary possibilities of soil carbon to tackle climate change. (You can read about our thinking here…)

Even if soil carbon or climate change isn’t your thing, the session is designed to inspire new thoughts, ideas and ways of thinking. You’ll be hosted by Wasafiri’s Managing Director Dr Kate Simpson and our Climate Lead Ian Randall.

Systemcraft is our latest guide to action for those of you who are tackling messy, complex problems. It draws from our experience on the front lines of problems such as conflict, poverty and climate change, and builds from a wide body of systems-thinking.

Come join us to learn more!

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