Developing the Africa Food Future Initiative

  • Client: World Wildlife Fund
  • Location: Zambezi Conservation Area, Southern Kenya – Northern Tanzania

Food security, habitat conservation and livelihoods strengthening

The ability to achieve widespread food and nutrition security for people who need to use natural resources more intensively to farm whilst conserving natural habitats remains one of the greatest challenges of our time. WWF’s aims to build community livelihood and landscape resilience in priority landscapes, by encouraging food production systems that balance agricultural development and the conservation of Africa’s natural capital for generations to come.

Our work : The development of Africa’s Food Future Initiative

Key to this ambition, Wasafiri was commissioned by WWF’s Global Food Practice in concert with Country Directors to co-create their “Africa’s Food Future Initiative”, anchored in two priority landscapes across Africa (the plains of Southern Kenya-Northern Tanzania and the Zambezi Conservation Area stretching between 5 countries). For each of these areas, our work was to conduct a robust landscape and value chain analysis, examine drivers, trends and scenarios underpinning the food system, and through leading a set of workshops develop a problem definition, vision and theory of change, underpinned by a results chain, detailed workplan and budget.

The outcome : A strategic investment and impact agenda

Our work, conducted over nine months across WWFs two priority regions in Africa, led to a clear understanding of the complexities of each landscape, generated stronger sponsorship by key WWF stakeholders and the commitment to a strategy articulating how a collaborative systems based approach can achieve change in such a complex topic.

“Thank you very much for all the work that Wasafiri has put into our new Africa’s Food Futures Initiative design. We have enjoyed working with Wasafiri immensely and have learned a great deal from the process. We were all impressed by your professionalism, knowledge and communication throughout.”

Dr Krista Singleton-Cambage

Deputy Leader, Global Food Practice, WWF International

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