Supporting Least Developed Countries in climate negotiations

  • Client: Climate Analytics
  • Location: West Africa

The challenge : Low capacity of poor countries to represent their interests in global negotations

The world’s Least Developed Countries (LDCs) are the ones most affected by Climate Change. Yet they bear little responsibility for humankind’s contributions to the problem. Achieving a fair and legally-binding deal from multilateral climate negotiations has become quite simply an issue of survival for the most vulnerable. And yet, these countries have weak technical capacity to represent themselves and minimal access to the data they need to make their case.

Our work : Providng capacity support and technical assistance for LDC representatives

Wasafiri’s co-founder Liberal Seburikoko was contracted by Climate Analytics to lead their support to African LDC’s, providing them access to real-time, cutting-edge scientific data, and supporting their political and strategic engagement in global Climate Change negotiations.

The outcome : A stronger African voice in climate negotiations

Representatives of Africa’s poorest countries– those most affected by Climate Change – testified that their capacity to negotiate a fairer deal at global Climate Change forums was greatly increased. Indeed, additional countries requested similar support for future negotiations. Through our support, LDCs are in a stronger position to ensure their interests as considered alongside those of the world’s richest nations.

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